How to reset your floating license

To reset your floating license information, please follow these steps:

  1. Under Windows services, stop the service(s) called Materialise Floating License Server 6.x and Materialise Floating License Server 7 
  2. In the folder C:\ProgramData\Materialise\LicenseFiles delete (or rename) the following files (if they exist):
    • fixed_sync7.dat
    • index_sync7.dat
    • FLSUsers.lic
    • MatSoft.S7.lic
    • MatSoft.S7.lic-journal
  3. Verify that the current user has full control (read, write, and modify permissions) for the entire folder C:\ProgramData\Materialise\LicenseFiles
  4. Under Windows services, start the service(s) called Materialise Floating License Server 6.x and Materialise Floating License Server 7
  5. Reactivate the CCKeys again with help of these instructions:
    How do I install licenses/register key files on the Floating License Server (FLS)?

After performing these steps, your licensing information should be reset and cleaned up.

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