Licensing issue on Windows 10 causing frequent changes of System ID

Currently, a license system issue exists in certain versions of our software that causes frequent updates of a machine's System ID.

Conditions under which this issue appears

  • Machine is using Windows 10 and has more than one hard disk
  • A local license is being used (floating licenses are not affected)
  • At least one installed Materialise product has a License Manager (matlicense) version between 7.0 to

Affected Products (this list will be updated when new information is available)

  • Magics 23.0, 23.1, and 24.0 
  • Magics Print 23.2
  • Build Processors:
    • HP
    • EOS
    • Arcam
    • Trumpf
    • Sisma 6.0
    • Stratasys 1.0 to 1.2
    • Xaar 1.0 to 1.3
    • Additive Industries
    • Digital Metal
    • Ermaksan
    • ExOne
    • LMT
    • Veltz 3d mpm
    • 3dnt
    • BLT 
    • BLT MPM
    • Demo
    • e-plus bp
    • e-plus slice
    • forwedo
    • forwedo mpm
    • hanbang
    • Hans laser
    • vulcantech
    • zrapid lm
    • desktop metal
    • DMG Mori 2.x
    • Xact Metal
    • zrapid mpm
    • cubicon
    • kings 3d
    • OMG Tony
    • Quickbeam
    • e-plus 3d sl
    • kocel
    • Moda bp
    • raplas
    • zrapid sl
    • Arum 1.0
    • Nexa 3D 1.1
    • Veltz 3D 1.0

Products and/or product versions not mentioned above are not affected.


If you're using an older version of Magics, please update to the latest version (v24.1 and v25.0 are not affected by this issue), and remove older versions from your machine.  

For affected products outside of Magics, if you are encountering this issue, a workaround is available through our customer support team for customers with a Software Maintenance Plan. If you experience this issue, please log a support ticket through this link.

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