SolidWorks files can't be imported into Magics 25.02

A new version of SolidWorks caused a problem where its files can’t be imported into Magics. 
The issue has been fixed in MatConvert 9.8 and later versions. An update of this component is needed to solve the issue.

  1. Download the update via our passwords website.
    Detailed instructions can be found here:
    How can I download and install the newest version of Materialise Software?
  2. On the download page, select MatConvert, version 9.8 or newer, and the server you want to download it from by using the dropdown boxes. Click Download after choosing the product. Your download will start immediately.

    Note: A warning may appear depending on your browser setting stating “potential security risk.”

    It’s safe to proceed by clicking on the exclamation mark and Allow Download
  3. Install MatConvert. Another warning message will appear, click on More info and Run anyway.
  4. Configure Magics to use the newly installed MatConvert version from:
    Options & Help → Settings → Modules → MatConvert

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