Concept Laser BP 1.2 issue

Our team has fixed the bug, and the updated version, Concept Laser Build Processor 1.2.7, is now available for download.

Download updated Concept Laser Build Processor

If you have a maintenance license, please enter your CCKey and download the updated version.



An issue may occur in a very specific situation with the Concept Laser Build Processor 1.2.

Description & Impact

In certain geometries, the absence of support in some zones is misinterpreted by the machine controller software and may consequently cause an unwanted stop of the machine and build.



It is possible to confirm whether a specific job file will crash before building by scrolling through the slice stack in the Concept Laser Machine Control Software (CL WRX).

The following error will confirm that the job file will cause issues upon building:



Our engineering department has released an upgrade to solve this issue (see note at the top of this page).

This video provides further information:

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