Magics 26

Latest news and user documentation related to the Magics 26 release

Latest news

15/05/2024: End of Life - see Product Lifecycle (End of Life) Overview List

17/01/2023: Magics 26.02 Maintenance release

29/07/2022: Magics 26.01 Maintenance release

23/05/2022: Magics 26.0 Major release - The best of CAD and mesh


Magics 26.02

What's new:

  • Certain users reported that they cannot start Magics 26 anymore; it crashes on startup.  
  • Under certain conditions, saving an unchanged part/platform to Streamics could still result in an updated Part Revision (new ID, additional step in the revision tree). 

Build version: — available via 

Release notes: English (=addendum to Magics 26.01 release notes)

User manual: see Magics 26.01


Magics 26.01

What's new:

  • General availability release — making Magics available in Italian/Spanish
  • Ability to import/export UI settings between Magics installations
  • Numerous bug fixes (see release notes for more details)
  • Upgrade to MatConvert 10.1 — updating the imports of JT, Siemens NX, Revit, Solidworks, and Solid Edge

Build version:

Release notes: English (=addendum to Magics 26.0 release notes)

User manual: English


Magics 26.0

What's new: English, française, español, italiana

Build version: or

Release notes: English

User manual: English



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